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    will be recieving a tattoo today,

    at the tattoo studio DOWNTOWN TATTOO JENA

    by the tattoo artist

    with the following motif

    on the following part of the body

    Step 3


    1. Do you have a blood disorder or an increased tendency to blood pressure?

    2. Do you have a skin disease (neurodermatitis, etc.)?

    2.1 If yes, which?

    3. Are you taking blood-thinning medication (Marcumar / Aspirin / Heparin / etc.)?

    4. Do you have any allergies?

    4.1 If yes, against which allergens?

    5. Do you have any heart or circulatory problems?

    6. Are there infectious diseases? (Hepatitis / HIV / MRSA / etc.)

    6.1 If yes, which?

    7. Have you taken any medication today or in the last 7 days?

    7.1 If yes, which?

    8. Do you have any other acute or chronic illnesses?

    8.1 If yes, which?

    9. Have you consumed alcohol and/or other narcotics in the last 24 hours?

    10. Have surface anesthetics (e.g. numbing cream) been applied in the last 24 hours?

    11. Are there impairments in the ability to form or exercise one's will?

    12. Has surgery or radiation treatment been performed in the area to be tattooed

    13. Is there a tendency to keloid formation or sarcoid?

    14. In the past 4 months, has the skin been exposed to more than normal levels of UV radiation?

    Step 4


    15. Are you pregnant?

    16. Are you breastfeeding?

    17. Insofar as scars are to be tattooed, these have existed since


    18. Insofar as the affected skin area has been subjected to laser treatment last treatment



    (Note: For scars that are less than a year old, a tattoo regularly not recommended).

    Step 5


    1. When tattooing, the tattoo color is inserted into the second layer of skin with needles, the dermis. Since the skin is injured and this is painful, if the process is factually a bodily harm according to § 223 para. 1 StGB.

    2. The texture of a tattoo depends not least on the skin texture of the customer. It can therefore be between Template and the finished tattoo may vary slightly, in terms of shape and color, come. Also subject to a tattoo at the same time as the living tissue aging processes. These are particularly strong Sun exposure (particularly frequent sunbathing, solarium, working in the outdoors, etc.) accelerated. This can cause the colors to fade and the contours of the tattoo become blurred. This can be countered with appropriate countermeasures (e.g. not using a solarium, sun protection, good skin care). will.

    3. Despite the utmost care, caution and proven techniques and work materials, In rare cases, side effects can occur during or after tattooing and/or complications such as:
    - Circulatory problems, chills
    - slight bleeding from the tattoo
    - Swelling of the skin with itching and redness
    - slight scarring
    - unwanted color gradients (so-called blow-outs) due to a
    unfavorable connective tissue of the customer
    - Tattoo photosensitivity
    - Occurrence of keloids or sarcoidosis
    - non-allergic foreign body reactions.

    In very rare cases, despite the greatest care in terms of hygiene and Cleanliness - especially as a result of improper post-treatment of the tattoo Infections and/or spread of germs. Also were in rare Cases of intolerance (e.g. allergies) to individual colors have been observed. Should If such a case occurs, we ask that you notify us immediately and significant impairments to consult a doctor. Due to § 52 paragraph 2 SGB ​​V it can happen that the statutory health insurance in the event of a complication where the customer takes recourse.

    4. If the tattoo is an over-tattoo (cover-up or blast Over), it is pointed out that it is not possible to predict in advance whether a cover of the old tattoo at all and possibly with how much time and effort is required. Furthermore, it cannot be ruled out that there are interactions with the tattoo ink that has already been applied tattoo to be covered.

    5. Was there a pre-existing tattoo on the area to be tattooed? Tattoo - by whatever method - removed or lightened, exists the particular danger that the result of the tattoo to be stabbed afterwards deviates from the desired result. The skin can absorb its color be impaired or particularly prone to scarring. The same thing applies to tattooing stretch marks or scars.

    6. As the tattooing process is painful, it may be jerky and for the unforeseeable movements or similar on the part of the customer. In spite of the tattoo artist can fix it more easily by applying pressure and tensing the area of ​​skin do not completely prevent the body and reflex response, only try to minimize. In rare cases, the quality of the tattoo may vary accordingly influenced: The needle guidance cannot be carried out evenly and precisely, so that there may be irregularities, especially with lines.

    7. In unusual cases, the skin's ability to absorb tattoo pigment, limited by their nature. Unfortunately, such cases are in advance unpredictable and make it difficult to achieve an aesthetically pleasing result achieve. Favoring factors for such a skin condition are significant UV exposure and steroid abuse.

    8. Due to the specifics of those requested by the customer Tattoo must also be advised of the following:

    Step 6


    We will take photographs of the completed work. Of the Customer hereby expressly agrees that these photographs beyond a purpose permitted under Art. 6 Paragraph 1(f) EU-DSGVO for the purpose of External presentation on our website, our social media appearances (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) or published on advertising banners. In addition, health data is collected with this declaration of consent so that we can decide whether to carry out the contract without risk to yours health and without impairing the result of our work. Therefore, without this data collection, the contract cannot be carried out by us will. This data is special data within the meaning of Art. 9 EU GDPR. You hereby expressly consent to their collection. We do not pass this data on to third parties and they are used for Stored with us for a period of 10 years. After that, the Declaration of consent and this declaration of consent destroyed. This consent can be revoked at any time (Art. 7 Para. 3 EUDSGVO). According to this, we are allowed to process the data collected under the consent and/or photographs used. The raised Health data are - since their processing up to the time of revocation is legitimate – kept until the end of the retention period.

    Step 7


    I have read and understand the foregoing. I feel fit and healthy. The proper aftercare of a tattoo was explained to me and I understood this explanation. I certify the above information truthfully and carefully. About the risks of tattooing and I was fully informed about their proper follow-up care. I confirm that the template to be engraved corresponds to my wishes in terms of design. Against this background, I declare my consent to the implementation of the Tattoo.

    Step 8


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